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Which is Better? The Ravens Offense vs. Defense

Shifting identity For as long as I can remember, the Baltimore Ravens have always been known more for their defense, not their offense. That is until now. A new era has begun in Baltimore, where the defense can no longer take all the credit for winning games. With Joe Flacco leading an offensive powerhouse, the […]

Recap of Ravens 2010 Draft Picks

The Baltimore Ravens entered the 75th NFL draft with 5 picks. They finished with 7. Almost everyone has praised Baltimore for another year of great draft choices. Draft Analyst Mel Kiper chose Baltimore as the most successful organization this year, and even graded them with an A+. Without even picking in the 1st round, the […]

Ravens Facing Another Identity Change?

Who can forget the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV champion Ravens and their dominating defensive performance? In that game, MLB Ray Lewis became the first and only defensive player on the winning team to receive a Super Bowl MVP award. Now almost a decade has passed and that Super Bowl MVP is the only member of […]