In this section of my blog, you will find various information relating to the current EA Sports football game, Madden 10.

As a gaming enthusiast and football lover, I found the Madden series quite enjoyable and became surprised at the realism that Madden 10 has brought to football simulation.

If you don’t play Madden, I encourage you try it out at the very least. Even though Madden struggles with bugs and glitches, it is still an enjoyable game for any football fanatic.

If you play Madden, great! Continue reading below for some Madden resources.

And for those of you hardcore gamers, you can raise the level of competition even more when you put money on the line. I, myself, have played a few games for money, and I can say that it’s definitely a whole new experience. Putting money on games in Madden is just another part of the sports betting world.


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