When you are locked inside your home, you will notice that there are a lot of things, problems, and issues, that need to be fixed in your home. Whether it is a failing kitchen that needs renovation, an old roof that needs replacement, or a lawn that needs Cranberry excavation.  

Sure, the COVID-19 virus has forced us to cower in our houses, but it doesn’t need to be like that. Whether you have a lawn, backyard, or a garden, use these as a way to enjoy some time outside four walls.  

And yes, you might be spending most of your days at the lawn as it is the farthest you can go because of this lockdown caused by the global pandemic. It is understandable, and in fact, it is recommended that you take some sunlight and breathe some fresh air during these trying times. So, to help you make most of your experience in your lawn, here give you some maintenance tips to solve some common lawn problems.  

1.A multi-pronged defense against crabgrass invasion 

Weeds can suck out nutrients in the soil intended or your grass and plants. These weeds can be in a form of crabgrass that aside from being an eyesore, typically dies off during wintertime that promotes soil erosion. You can solve this by putting a corn gluten meal that can be a good substitute for an herbicide. Also, do not cut the grass too short as you are just inviting more crabgrass in the area.  

2.Address the grub sightings 

these milky-white beetle larvae feed on your grass roots that potentially cause grass death, and a dry-looking lawn. These insects, unfortunately, attract moles and raccoons so your lawn will be more susceptible to damage because of these animals. However, according to some experts, a few of these larvae will not harm your lawn so long as the lawn is healthy enough to withstand a not so destructive amount of these larvae.  

You can use some insecticides to shoo away thee insects. 

3.Plant the bald spots 

Whenever you notice some bald spots on certain areas, it is better that you immediately provide solutions by planting more grass as weeds love to fill bare patches.  

4. Add some compost 

Compost will provide several benefits to your lawn. First, it will eliminate pests and diseases form plants. Second, it will provide more nutrients to your soil that your plants need. Third, you will never need to spend more to buy fertilizers for your plants as the compost will act as the natural fertilizer for everything in your lawn.  

5. Use some of your cut grass as your mulch 

When you clip the grass, do not throw them away as they can be a good source of nutrients when they decay. Use your grass clippings to mulch your soil and plants. In this way, you will be able to save some money by substituting a chemical fertilizer and use your cut grass instead.  

Final thoughts 

Taking care of your lawn just needs some extra small steps. Follow the tips we gave you to keep it healthy so that you can still experience having some moments outdoor.