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Staff Predictions Week 10: Ravens vs. Falcons

Offensive MVP: Picks By Player Pick Stat Prediction Comments Gene Winner Todd Heap 5 catches, 78 yds receiving, 2 TDs Red-zone struggles lately for the offense; that means they will try and get the ball to Heap. Conoon Kim Anquan Boldin 8 catches, 108 yds receiving, 1 TD Boldin will man-handle a weak Falcons secondary. […]

Facing the Enemy Week 10: Ravens vs Falcons

Short week for the (6-2) Baltimore Ravens as they face the (6-2) Atlanta Falcons this Thursday. I had the opportunity to speak with Dave “the Falconer” Choate from TheFalcoholic.com and ask him a few questions about this upcoming game. He showed much respect for the Baltimore Ravens and knew it was going to be a […]

2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 10

RK: Current rank Green: Up in rankings Red: Down in rankings Black: No change RK Team Record Comment 1 Ravens 6-2-0 A win over the Dolphins (and with the Patriots losing to the Browns), the Ravens stand as the best team in the AFC. (Conoon) 2 Steelers 6-2-0 Solid team, Big Ben is their difference […]

The Hangover: Purple Monday Week 9 Edition

Happy Purple Monday everyone! To start, I’d like to sincerely thank the NFL scheduling department for having the foresight to schedule the Ravens bye week to coincide with my birthday.  It’s not often they look out for the little guy, and it was very much appreciated.  Good on ya, lads. Now, to get right in […]

Staff Predictions Week 9: Ravens vs. Dolphins

Offensive MVP: Picks By Player Pick Stat Prediction Comments Gene Winner Ray Rice 76 yds rushing,34 yds receiving, 1 TDs Rice needs to be a bigger factor in this offense. Cam Cameron will make an effort to get the ball to his play-making running back. Conoon Kim Todd Heap 5 catches, 71 yds receiving, 2 […]

2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 9

We apologize to all fans and readers as we were unable to do power rankings for week 8. Even with a bye week, most of our staff were very busy and couldn’t do much the entire week. But we’re back and ready to roll! Halfway through the 2010 NFL season! With a 5-win game streak, […]

Vote for the Best Baltimore Ravens Blog

Voting for the annual “Mobbies,” sponsored by Baltimore Sun, has begun! For those of you unfamiliar with the Mobbies, it is a contest held by the biggest newspaper in Maryland to find the best blogs in certain categories— all voted by fans! Great news for The Purple Chaos as we were nominated under the Best […]