Why You Shouldn’t Hire an Uninsured Cleaner

Every homeowner knows that employing the perfect maid company can appear like an extravagance. This is particularly true whenever you know a person who cleans homes on her own for a fraction of the price. However, you should keep in mind that any cash you save at the upfront can cost you a lot more heartache, stress, and pain in the future. This can even cost you your entire life savings.  

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t hire uninsured house cleaning services. 

Insurance Covers Every Single Thing 

An expert cleaning service has umbrella coverage for every worker and for itself as a company. They’re licensed to do the job. They are also insured in case any accident happens. This means that they can cover both bodily harm and personal property damage. Aside from that, they are also bonded to guarantee clients obtain what they have paid for.  

Of course, this will lead to a premium cleaning price. However, safety is the number one thing you can get from it. Homeowners who hire individual cleaners don’t have a recourse if something doesn’t go as expected. On the other hand, people who hire professional cleaning services have.  

Individual Cleaners Might Not Have an Excellent Record 

Individual maids and cleaners might come extremely recommended because of their excellent reputation. However, they do not have thorough background examination. How comfortable and able are you with researching them before their first day if you are planning to employ a cleaner on an individual basis? Can you tell them that you will be running a background examination? Can you ask them to fill up an application? Maybe it is an indication that you should reconsider your choices if you do not feel at ease asking tough inquiries to someone who will have complete access to your house. Expert companies go through thorough examinations for every single employee they hire. They get rid of the risk and the guesswork before you meet the cleaner for the first time. This will offer you peace of mind.  

Individual Cleaners Aren’t a Business 

Though they might have flyers and business cards, possibilities are you have simply hired an employee if they do the work on your house, clean when you want them to, and use your own cleaning tools. You didn’t hire a business. Because of this, you will be accountable for federal unemployment taxes, social security payments, and employee withholding. Aside from that, you might have to think about your insurance coverage.  

Of course, for an ordinary homeowner, this can appear extremely complicated. Well, it is indeed. Aside from that, when it is an oversight, it can also be costly. If you do not want to handle all of these things, you can simply hire a professional cleaning company.  

Aside from being efficient, hiring a professional cleaning company can improve your peace of mind, lower your risk, and limit your liability. This is the reason why you should always choose a professional over an individual cleaner