The Staff

Conoon Loman Kim – Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Conoon is the creator of The Purple Chaos. He handles all the site content and design. He was born and raised in Maryland, but moved to Southern California in 2002. He played football as an outside linebacker in high school and loved the game ever since. Conoon is a business marketing major at Cal State University of Northridge. He has experience in web design and internet advertising and is the Lead Director at ProductionBit.com.

Justin Silberman – Lead Blogger

Justin was born and bred in the Charm City. As a sophomore at Towson University, where Justin majors in Broadcast Journalism, some consider Justin to be geographically challenged; he roots for just one home town team, the Baltimore Ravens, and all the New York teams, including the Mets, Rangers and Knicks. He is one who loves to rattle people’s cages to stir up debates and to get readers thinking while questioning their own views. You can also check out Justin’s live talk show here.

Gene Winner – Columnist

Gene has been a loyal member to this site. Born in Baltimore, Gene is an avid Ravens fan and follows team news around the web 365 days a year. A Baltimore Colts fan as well, Gene’s father attended the 1958 Colts vs. Giants Championship game more commonly known as the “Greatest Game Ever Played.” He also contributes as a columnist for RavensGab.com as well.

Bart Raeke – Columnist

Bart will write weekly columns called “The Hangover.” He was born and bred in Baltimore, and has been a sports fan all his life. One of his earliest memories was seeing the news report of the Colts leaving (and he continues to get a cold chill down his spine when he sees a Mayflower truck). During those “dark days” he was a fan of the Packers, mainly because one of their most famous players was also named Bart. He is an avid fan of the Ravens and the Orioles, and is a graduate of Towson University, where he obtained his degree in writing.

Taylor Boyd – Columnist

Taylor was born and raised in Baltimore and is a die-hard Ravens fan. Also known as the Ravens Chick, this journalism and mass communications major is studying at Lehigh University in PA. She strives to offer her female readers clear, easy to read game analysis, as well as keeping them up to date on the Ravens headlines of the day. While broadcast is her primary interest, she also writes year-round on her own blog, Chicks Who Dig Baltimore Ravens Football.

A.J. Gersh – Columnist

AJ was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. Though only in high school, he already writes his own Orioles blog and hosts his own online radio show. He is an avid football and baseball enthusiast, following the hometown teams: the Orioles and the Ravens. He enjoys sharing his, sometimes controversial, opinions and loves writing.

Edgar Walker – Columnist

Edgar Walker is a Baltimore native who lives and dies by his Orioles and Ravens. Also a high school sports aficionado and a massive soccer fan, Edgar enjoys soaking in as much sports knowledge as humanly possible. He is currently part of the staff at Baltimore Sports Report, and is a high school sports reporter for Essex-Middle River Patch. From December 2008 to December 2010, Edgar wrote under the pseudonym “Joe Barnes” and grew The Ebony Bird into one of the most-read Ravens blogs on the Internet.

Arjan van Leuven – Moderator

Arjan helps moderate the The Purple Chaos, in addition to guest writing time to time. He was born in Holland, but moved to Maryland back in 2000. It didn’t take long for him to embrace Baltimore and their sports teams. Arjan started writing to express his love for sports and the history of sports in Charm City.

Bryan Thomas – Guest Writer

Bryan was raised in Hanover, MD— unfortunately during the time when Baltimore didn’t have a football team. His grandparents were Baltimore Colts season ticket holders, and they went to every one of the home games. Bryan moved out to Orange County, CA in 1995. And a year later, when Baltimore finally had another football team, Bryan rooted for them even though he lived 3,000 miles away. He is a proud member of The West Wing and watches the Ravens play every Sunday at The Parlor on Melrose.