Gutter Cleaning Tools That Don’t Require A Ladder

A lot of homeowners recognize the importance of cleaning and maintaining the gutter for a healthy and well-maintained roof. Letting your gutter accumulate dirt and leaves will result in rotting leaves, molds, and algae that create holes, cracks, and damages to the gutter that leaves it susceptible to water leakage. Also, deposit leaves can cause blockage during winter that causes pooling and other roofing issues. This is what gutter companies Surrey BC know, and so they provide excellent quality services with good practices of maintaining your gutter to prepare it for different seasons especially winter.  

Cleaning the gutter alone can sound intimidating to most people for several reasons. This entails climbing up a ladder and risking their safety, they are not fond of heights, they do not have the necessary materials, or they just do not like to clean at all by doing all of the complicated processes just to remove leaves away from the gutter. So here, we will share with you some of the inventions that can help you clear away the leaves and debris, making your roof well-maintained without risking your safety and having to climb on a ladder.  


1.Gutter vacuum accessories 

These gutter accessories are attachments that fit the standard leaf blower and/or Shop-Vac. It is provided with a curved part that is able to curl over the edge for full coverage. This is ideal to use if the gutter only contains dry leaves. The vacuum function may not be able to remove the rotted and damped debris. This is ideal to use during summer where leaves are expectedly dry.  


2.Gutter flusher and cleaner 

This material is a power sprayer that blast away anything that clogs the gutter. It has an extendable metal pole that allows the user to reach difficult areas without necessitating to climb on a ladder. It contains three sprays settings that are also very easy to use. In addition to this, it contains a mirror for you to be able to view what is inside the gutter.  


3.Gutter cleaning applicator 

This applicator contains a lambswool pad that fits the end portion of the painter’s pole. It lets the user wipe away the grime and dirt easily and effectively. 


4.Gutter cleaning tongs 

When the gutter contains wet debris and leaves, vacuuming is not an effective method. And if you are afraid of climbing on a ladder and raking the rotted and wetted leaves, this tongs may the perfect alternative for you. This tog is attached to a metal pole that can be extended to achieve the desired height. It is operated by a role attached to the pole for an easier grasp of the wetted or rotted leaves and debris.  


5.Rotary gutter cleaning system 

This equipment combines the convenience of the rotating brush and the force of power spray. It is one of the most advanced technology to clean your gutter effectively. It is also equipped with a digital camera to let you see the indies of the gutters.  


Whenever you are not confident with your ability to clean your gutter in spite the equipment we mentioned here, it is recommended that you call a professional company. 

How Can You Manage a Dying Tree?

It is painful to watch a dying tree. Frequently, trees share in the homeowner’s history—their fruits that delight us during harvest times, their branches that made as our playhouses, and the shade your kids play. Hence, it is normal to feel sad as you watch a landmark of growth and time, which gives you an idea to look for ways to save your dying tree before it’s too late. Fortunately, your tree looks a bit down, below are some of the things you can do to attempt saving your dying tree: 

Determine a dying tree 

Before you can begin the mission to rescue your tree, you have to determine the underlying reason why your tree is diseased. Similar to a doctor, you need to know the potential causes and symptoms and look for ways to treat them. Some of the dying tree’s symptoms include decay, cracks, and deadwood. 

Aside from that, you have to pay attention to bad structure. This is the case wherein trees seem unstable and heavily lean to one side. It could be due to too much pressure or a storm as well on the branches over a long time.  

Water trees properly 

Dying trees are usually due to adverse weather conditions, which aren’t ideally met by the homeowners. Hence, you should pay attention to the weather. A drought can rapidly result in a dying tree. However, make sure to refrain from overwatering your trees, particularly when it has rained a lot.  

Ensure that the place where your trees are located in has the right proper drainage system to prevent water from flooding and building up of the tree. 

Prune your tree properly 

Tree pruning encourages a functional immune system and healthy growth. However, you will have to research about the proper technique for the disease in question or might as well consult a tree expert because utilizing the inappropriate pruning technique will only harm your tree even more.  

Give the right soil 

Before planting a tree, make sure to research about its growing conditions to guarantee that you do not put it in the wrong habitat for Florida. However, if you are coping with a tree that you did not plant by yourself, there’s a chance that you might be left with unsuitable soil.  

One of the best ways to improve your soil’s condition is mulching. The mulch helps to stop the bacterial disease to escalate and to further spread fungi. However, refrain from putting excessive soil onto the tree and make sure to evenly spread it across the base. 


You can help recover a malnourished tree with the help of fertilizers, however, refrain from coming up into the conclusion that this is what it requires without testing the soil in the first place. While applying fertilizer, never utilize it too much or too thickly simultaneously. 

Contact the professional arborists 

If you think that your tree cannot be salvaged anymore, it would be best to have it removed right away to stop causing harm to the other trees you have. For that, tree removal Perth service is the best for you.