A look to the Ravens future

A look back on last year's 2013 NFL Draft. Ravens select rookie safety Matt Elam.

A look back on last year’s 2013 NFL Draft. Ravens select rookie safety Matt Elam.

With the 2014 NFL Draft just a day away, it’s always an exciting time of year to wonder which young talents will be joining the Ravens roster for next season. GM Ozzie Newsome always does a tremendous job taking the best player available over positional needs. One can only hope the best player available is actually from a position of need.

While everyone is hopeful for new prospects to bolster the team, we do need to take a step back and see how the Ravens stand amongst others in the league. A quick glimpse of NFL Futures odds shows how odds-makers are predicting the success of the Ravens. Tagged with a +3,500 money line, the Ravens sit around the middle of the pack in terms of chances to win it all next year. Considering how the men in purple and black didn’t make the playoffs for the first time in 5 seasons, it’s a sign that there’s still lots to hope for, especially with the new offseason acquisition of WR Steve Smith.

If the Ravens can address their primary issues on the offensive line and defensive backfield through this draft, they’ll have a good shot at taking back the AFC North crown from the Bengals. The journey to the Super Bowl begins at the playoffs, so getting back to the dance by beating the division rivals should be the biggest goal for the team next season.

However, one thing to remember when watching the draft tomorrow is that none of this will phase Ozzie. So don’t be surprised if we draft a tight-end in the first round or even a running back in the early rounds. So before being quick to judge each move, always know that in Ozzie we can trust.