Can Ravens overcome the odds against Lions?


rayrice-lionsThe Baltimore Ravens enter Ford Field to face the Detroit Lions tonight on Monday Night Football. With both teams sitting on a 7-6 standing record, this is a game with huge playoff implications. It is a must-win game for both teams as it may very well determine the fate of their playoff chances.

The Detroit Lions come in tonight looking to bounce back from an ugly late-game loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last week. They will look to be their explosive form as seen not too long ago on Thanksgiving night when they severely outscored the Green Bay Packers.

On the flip side, the Baltimore Ravens visit with some tough weight to bear as it will not be an easy game for them. Their biggest struggles come with playing on the road and having an established running game. Because of these hurdles, most oddsmakers have the Lions predicted to win at an average of 6 points (ranging from 5.5 to 7 points). If you’re on a mobile device, check out this new mobile NFL point spreads page to always stay updated.

Amidst the obstacles, I firmly believe the Ravens will beat the odds and find themselves the victor tonight on national television. This team of great perseverance showed last week how well they can handle pressure and adversity— if you’re one of the few NFL fans that hasn’t seen one of the most insane finishes to a game, I advise you to check out last week’s Ravens-Vikings highlights. The Ravens prove they can win big games at big moments. With the Lions struggling with turnovers and finishing out games, I predict the defending Super Bowl champions will win this tough one by a golden field goal from golden boy Justin Tucker.

And if there’s anything I can guarantee tonight, it is that this will be another nail-biter and heart-attack inducing game to watch.