Turkey Bowl Rivalry: Ravens vs Steelers


smithYou can”t talk about the best current NFL rivalries without mentioning the heat between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. Every year, these two teams face each other twice and show us one of the most physical games in the NFL today. There”s not much logic or sense behind it, but the fan base of these two teams downright hate each other. On the bright side, that calls for some smash-mouth football— something we”ve been seeing a lack thereof in the league lately.

Ravens fans (and Steelers fans) have been blessed with the opportunity to see their favorite teams go at each other on the big stage. Prime time on Thanksgiving night, the AFC North rivals will slug out what will be an intense and defensive battle. Sorry Peyton Manning/Tom Brady fans, this won”t be a high-scoring game. However, this most likely will be a close game. Current NFL odds will agree— the Ravens are listed at a -3 point spread. In the last 4 meetings, the games have ended with a team losing by a margin of just 3 points. Since 2010, they series is tied 4-4 and 5 of those online pokies 8 games have ended within 3 points. So yeah, you could say this will be a nail-biter.

Unfortunately for Ravens fans, who have been getting stress ulcers the past few weeks, this game will only add to the stress. One a side note, one thing I am really looking forward to in this game is the return of the all-black home uniforms the Ravens will be sporting Thursday night. Don”t they look intimidating? It really captures the dark and hard-hitting style the Ravens play with. Hopefully, that will turn up some energy in the stadium and get the fans going on a cold Thanksgiving night. The Ravens will need all the support they can get in this game. With the unpredictable nature the Ravens have been playing with this season, it”s hard for me to predict a clear winner. But I say the Ravens will take some shots and prevail with the big explosive plays down the field— Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones will be the difference-makers. 23-19, Ravens.

  • HopalongCassidy

    You’ve got two things wrong. First, Steelers / Ravens games are almost always decided by three points, not four. Second, you picked the wrong team to win.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Those black ballet tights the Rat-birds wear are quite g@y looking. When do the tutu’s that go with them arrive ?