2013 NFL Season – Casino Games


NFLlogo_mattmcgeeAs the Baltimore Ravens begin their defence of the Vince Lombardi trophy, nothing will dent the popularity of the various online casino games based around the NFL in the 2013 season. There is no doubt that lots of fans will be placing bets on who will win the division titles and the Super Bowl, but games like $5 Million Touchdown and Fruit Bowl XXV provide a gambling experience totally different from the usual NFL betting at online bookmakers. This is why they have been such a hit with fans, both of the NFL and of casino sites like Casino Online, in the first place.

Of course the single most notable aspect of the five reel slot game $5 Million Touchdown for most players will be the huge jackpot that it offers – an incredible $5 million. This would be reason to play the game even if you hated NFL, but for fans of the game, there is plenty else to love about this slot. The five reels are full of American football imagery, such as: football players, whistles, cheerleaders, goal posts and footballs, while the brilliant bonus game explains the other half of the name. The video graphics depict a match where you are given one of the two teams and required to try and score a touchdown, and try to avoid dropping the ball as you pass from player to player.

Fruit Bowl XXV is another five-reel slot game using American football as a theme, and the bonus game it offers is remarkably similar to that of $5 Million Touchdown. Again you have to try to score a touchdown, although the prize bonuses here are free spins – with the chance of a better payout. Beyond this, it is a really unusual spin on the idea of an NFL slot, using the fruit icons common to generic pub-style fruit machines, but turning them into football players, referees and cheerleaders. This mix of fruit and American football explains the oddball name, which plays on the idea of the Super Bowl, and makes this one of the funniest NFL slot games you can play.