Jacoby Jones pays tribute to Ray Lewis on DWTS


jacoby-jones-300Season 16 of DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) premiered last night with our very own Baltimore Ravens stud Jacoby Jones on the roster of dancers.

After a grueling two hours of lackluster to decent performances by other celebrities, the man of the hour finally appeared on the dance-floor with his partner, Karina Smirnoff. Both took the stage dressed in purple with flashy pyrotechnics setting off behind them, and then they continued on with their rendition of a Cha Cha to the song “I Got a Good Feeling.”

The dance duo went at it for about a minute and a half, and boy it was entertaining. Bias as I may be, I must say that this was one of my most favorite DWTS performances ever. The best part came roughly a minute in, when Jones and Smirnoff split from each other and started mimicking Ray Lewis and his famous pre-game squirrel dance-move. Classy and cool. A sign of respect to his former teammate and leader, while also just having some pure fun.

After it was all said and done, the judges found the routine energetic and enjoyable, but they criticized Jones’ lack of coordination, technique and fundamentals. They scored him a combined 20 out of 30 possible points. Given that Jones had only half the time to practice because of his surgery, I’d say that score is not too shabby. I am expecting some great things from Jones, and with a fanbase like the Ravens nation, I am making an early prediction that he will go to the semi-finals at the very least.

For those of you that may have missed Jacoby Jones’ first dance, enjoy: