Who’s to blame for Ravens win?


(AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

It sounds like an oxymoron to suggest there should be someone to blame for not a loss, but a win.

In this case, the Baltimore Ravens overcame the San Diego Chargers, beating them 16-13. However, the score did not accurately reflect the overall performance by the Ravens throughout the entire game. In all honesty, the Ravens should have dominated the Chargers, not eventually overcome them.

Had it not been for Ray Rice’s unforgettable 29-yard run on 4th down, I would not be writing this article today. Fortunately, with what I believe was some intervention by God, Rice got the first down even after the official review and Joe Flacco was able to carry his team the rest of the game for a win.

Of course, sitting at 9-2 is spectacular, but the Ravens cannot continue playing the way they have been and expect to win against greater teams like the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons. Last season, Baltimore had the annoying knack of playing down to the opponent’s level. This year, they’re just barely doing enough to get wins. The Ravens can end the season 14-2, but if they don’t make the Super Bowl, it all means nothing. They must play to win championship games, not mediocre opponents.

So who’s to blame? We all know everything starts up top, so is it the coaching? Are the players just not stepping up to the plate? Are the star players, like Ed Reed and Ray Rice, just not playing up to their potential? Is the O-line too inconsistent? Injuries? What do you think?