A farewell to The Purple Chaos


No matter how you say it, saying goodbye is hard.

Since I started blogging three years ago, this is the first column or piece I have ever dreaded writing. It’s really the one time I can recall experiencing that phenomenon known as writer’s block.

This is my last column for The Purple Chaos, almost one year after my first one. And now, sadly, I’ve come to that part in the program where it’s time to say goodbye, where I need to tell the readers, colleagues and editor-in-chief, just how extremely grateful I am for their helping me have one of the greatest rides in my life.

In the 10 months I’ve been writing for The Purple Chaos, I never woke up a single day hesitant to blog. Over these past 10 months, in fact, I got to the point where the editor-in-chief trusted me enough to write about whatever I wanted to — whenever I wanted to.

Writing has been the easy part. Sure, I know that my writing career is far from over; it’s just beginning. But knowing I’ll no longer be with all of you everyday on this site is difficult.

I know these farewell posts are always self-serving, but I’d appreciate if you’d humor me. When you fully commit yourself to something for so long, you need an outlet to express yourself when it’s all over. Well, this seems as good as any.

When I began writing for this site, my goal was to become a respected and reliable voice in the non-stop Ravens conversation between us bloggers and you readers. It never mattered to me that we were a small blog or that many of you had never heard of us.

I’m forever appreciative to those of you who came to this site and participated, whether by simply reading or by going a step further and posting a comment or tweeting me. At some point — and sooner rather than later — Ravens coverage will continue on this site, and I have no doubt that the next lead blogger will build on the foundation I tried to establish.

Again, this a tough day for me because I am leaving some exquisite people. While there are too many to list on here, allow me to publicly express my gratitude and appreciation to a man that has made these last 10 months a blast.

Conoon Kim, editor-in-chief, is one of the best bosses anyone could have in any line of work, and he is an even better person. Of course, none of this would have been possible without him.

Thanks again to all of you for reading, and I hope you continue following my work. Starting immediately, I’ll be taking on a full-time role at Giants24x7.com and Ravens24x7.com.