Ravens Given 20-1 Odds of Winning Super Bowl XLVII


(Credits: SportsChatPlace.com)

The Baltimore Ravens came as close as you could come from playing in this year’s Super Bowl, but at least one oddsmaker is giving them little chance of coming that close again.

The MGM Grand’s sports book in Las Vegas has released its 2013 Super Bowl odds, and they’re sure to raise the anger level of Ravens fans who already believe their team doesn’t get the credit they deserve from a national standpoint.

The Ravens are listed as a 20-1 shot to win next year’s Super Bowl. It’s inconceivable to think that teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the New Yorks Jets– two teams that didn’t even make the postseason– are also given the same odds as the Ravens of winning next year’s big game.

In fact, the Ravens are given longer odds than teams like the Chicago Bears (17-1), San Diego Chargers (12-1) and Philadelphia Eagles (6-1), three teams that didn’t make the playoffs this season.

Ravens fans have every right to rant and rave after being dissed by these rankings.

But hey, they’re just rankings. I wouldn’t look to much into them. They mean very little, if anything at all, and how the Ravens perform on the field will ultimately determine whether this team is capable and worthy of winning a Super Bowl.

Here is the complete list, according to MGM Grand:

New England Patriots 5-1
Green Bay Packers 11-2
Pittsburgh Steelers 6-1
Philadelphia Eagles 6-1
New York Giants 8-1
New Orleans Saints 10-1
San Francisco 49ers 10-1
San Diego Chargers 12-1
Houston Texans 12-1
Chicago Bears 17-1
Detroit Lions 18-1
Atlanta Falcons 18-1
Dallas Cowboys 20-1
Baltimore Ravens 20-1
New York Jets 20-1
Indianapolis Colts 25-1
Tennessee Titans 30-1
Cincinnati Bengals 30-1
Buffalo Bills 50-1
Kansas City Chiefs 50-1
Seattle Seahawks 50-1
Denver Broncos 50-1
Carolina Panthers 50-1
Miami Dolphins 50-1
St. Louis Rams 50-1
Oakland Raiders 60-1
Minnesota Vikings 60-1
Arizona Cardinals 60-1
Cleveland Browns 75-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100-1
Washington Redskins 125-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 150-1