Brian Billick Concedes he Probably Won’t Coach Again


(Credits: Todd Bennett/Associated Press)

Former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick still hasn’t received a second chance to lead another NFL franchise since receiving his pink slip following the 2007 season.

Billick, hired prior to the 1999 season, was brought in to turn around the offense, but he won with one of the league’s best defensive units of all time. He guided the Ravens to a Super Bowl XXXV win in his second season, but he failed to win another playoff game after the 2001 season. And his firing was reportedly supported by the locker room, indicating that he had lost control over his football team.

Billick, 57, has conceded that he probably won’t coach again.

“It’s a general manager’s game. I’m not what they’re looking for,” Billick said, via ESPN.com. “That’s fine. They want a head coach today that doesn’t have to worry about personnel, the cap or even the media. We’ll lock you in a room and you come out with a genius game plan. They’re looking for X’s and O’s guys. That’s the world we live in right now.”

However, Billick hasn’t ruled out a return to coaching completely.

“It has to be the right people in the right situation that has the right vision and the right partnership that I had in Baltimore,” Billick said. “But that’s a narrow bandwidth.”