Ravens' Short Yardage Offense a Cause for Concern?


(Credits: Rob Carr/Getty Images)

It”s no secret the identity of the Baltimore Ravens” offense is their running game, but you could have been fooled by watching them in short-yardage situations in their divisional-round victory over the Houston Texans last week.

In that game, the Ravens converted three of 10 plays in which they needed two yards or less to produce a first down or touchdown.

Running back Ray Rice was stuffed on and third-and-goal from the Texans” two-yard line and fourth-and-goal from inside the one-yard line on back-to-back plays in the third quarter Sunday.

In the fourth quarter, fullback Vonta Leach was stopped on second-and-one and third-and-inches, which forced a Ravens punt and gave the Texans an opportunity to tie the game late with just seconds remaining.

Throughout the course of the game, the Ravens got beat up front, especially at the guard and center positions.

“You’ve just got to buckle up in those situations,” Rice said, via . “Every running back will tell you—if it’s a yard, it doesn’t matter if a guy is unblocked, we want to have that opportunity.”

In any case, the Ravens may want to stress double-teaming at the point of attack because they aren”t excessively big along the interior part of the offensive line.