Unnamed Coach Says It’s Clear Ray Lewis is Still Bothered by Injured Toe


(Credits: AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

Ray Lewis’ return to the lineup after missing four games with a right turf toe injury has not quite been the return many anticipated.

Now Lewis does have 20 tackles in the team’s past two games, but the Ravens defense did not look its physical self in giving up 34 points two weeks ago to the San Diego Chargers and one opposing, unnamed coach told The Baltimore Sun this week that Lewis doesn’t look 100 percent.

Some believe at 36-years-old, Lewis has become too old, but the unnamed coach offered a different perspective.

“It’s obvious that the toe injury hasn’t healed completely and he can’t push off,” the coach said. “The toe is not ready. If you look back over Ray Lewis’ career, one of his biggest assets was being able to get off blocks and run. Now, he can’t get off blocks because he can’t push off. He doesn’t have the same juice in his legs. He can still go side to side, but if you run straight at him, he can’t hold ground.”