Suggs: Ravens Headed to Super Bowl, Not Pro Bowl


(Credits: Gail Burton/AP)

Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs said in the wake of Tuesday’s Pro Bowl roster announcement that his team has bigger and better things on their mind.

“I have no intentions of playing in the Pro Bowl… I plan on being in practice with my teammates…getting ready for the Super Bowl,” Suggs said, according to the Ravens’ Twitter page.

Suggs may be on to something. When Baltimore plays a team that draws their full attention, the Ravens can beat anybody, anywhere.

It will be vital for the Ravens to get a win Sunday at Cincinnati to prove Suggs’ prophecy to be true. Win Sunday, and the Ravens clinch a much needed first-round bye and the chance to host at least playoff game.

However, a loss Sunday, and the Ravens will be the AFC’s No. 5 seed, meaning they will most likely have to win three straight road games to prove Suggs’ prediction to be true.