Ravens can Clinch AFC North and First-Round Bye with Steelers Loss


(Credits: Nick Wass/AP)

The Baltimore Ravens can clinch the AFC North and a first-round bye in the playoffs if they beat the Cleveland Browns and if the Pittsburgh Steelers lose at home to the St. Louis Rams on Saturday.

One of the scenarios that helped the Ravens move one step closer towards a first-round bye occurred last night, when the Houston Texans were defeated by the Indianapolis Colts, 16-12. Now, the Ravens can capture the AFC North title and a first-round bye for the first since 2006 if the two-win Rams can upset the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Also, the New England Patriots can secure a first-round bye with a win at home Saturday against the Miami Dolphins. However, if the Patriots lose once in their final two remaining games–and the Ravens win out– the Ravens would likely take the top seed based on strength of victory.