Rice Wins 'NFL Blitz' Cover Vote


EA Sports announced this past weekend that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has beaten out Patrick Willis and Roddy White in a fan vote, and will appear on the cover of “NFL Blitz,” this according to of ESPN.com.

(Credits: EA Sports)

The digital game is scheduled to be released Jan. 4, 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

It”s not about the money or publicity for Rice, who grew up a huge fan of the old-school arcade game.

“As a kid I remember going to an arcade down in my hometown and me and my boys used to go after it all day in “NFL Blitz,” Rice told in an interview. “Blitz” is like the “NBA Jam” of the NFL. It”s exciting, it”s a different kind of game, and I remember, even when I bought a copy to play at home, it still made me feel like I was back at the arcade. It”s 7-on-7 football, players catching on fire … all that good stuff you just don”t find in other games.”

Let”s just hope for Rice and the Ravens” sake, there is no “Blitz” cover curse.