Why the Ravens Won’t Suffer a Letdown against the Browns this week


If you’re the Baltimore Ravens at this point, it must be nice knowing the biggest hurdle you face is beating inferior opponents. That sets up perfectly for when the postseason rolls around.

(Credits: Baltimore Sun/Karl Merton Ferron)

Baltimore will travel to Cleveland for what is being dubbed as yet another trap game for the Ravens. After beating the San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving night with ease, many believe Baltimore will look past the Browns and could be in for an upset.

I’m not putting any stock into it.

The Ravens know what’s on the line as they maintain a tight lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North. Baltimore also knows how important it is to keep the pedal to the metal, especially as long as the Steelers continue to be a threat.

In the John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco era, the Ravens are a perfect 6-0 against the Browns.  Let’s not forget either that the Ravens have had 10 days to prepare for Cleveland. That being said, the focus has had to be on avoiding another letdown, and instilling the importance of this game into everyone on the roster.

With an extra three days of preparation, combined with the new identity of the Ravens’ offense, don’t be too surprised to see the Ravens have their way with the Browns.