Flacco on Pace for Sixth-Most Passing Attempts in NFL History


If you project quarterback Joe Flacco’s number of passing attempts through the first nine games of the season over a full 16 game schedule, Flacco will finish the season with the sixth-most passing attempts in NFL history.

(Credits: Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America)

Yes, the sixth-most attempts in NFL history. This is not a typo.

Through nine games this season, Flacco has thrown the ball 361 times, breaking down to 40.1 passes per game. If that pace continues, the fourth-year veteran will end the season with 642 passing attempts.

While Flacco’s number of passes are up, his completion percentage is down. His 54.8 completion percentage is by far the lowest in his young career.

However, with the new pass happy offense the Ravens have run for most of the season, Flacco is on pace to top the 4,000-yard passing mark for the season.

It’s worth noting that Drew Bledsoe holds the NFL record for most passes in a single season (1994) with a whopping 691. He’s followed by Peyton Manning’s 679 in 2010, Drew Brees’ 658 in 2010, Warren Moon’s 655 in 1991 and Brees again with 652 in 2007.