According to Ed Dickson, Cam Cameron Doesn’t Trust Joe Flacco


Offensive coordinators that call for 53 passing plays and 13 running plays in a game deserve a full week of criticism, so I’m going to give Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron his full due.

(Credits: David Drapkin/AP)

The Ravens’ offense has shown flashes in the pan all season long, yet they always leave fans wanting more. After demonstrating what they could do week nine in Pittsburgh, the Ravens offense fell flat on their face in week 10 against one of the most inferior teams in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks.

Baltimore went from perhaps being the AFC favorite a week ago, to a team that is considered nothing more than consistently inconsistent.

During his weekly show on 105.7 the Fan this week, tight end Ed Dickson told listeners that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron still doesn’t fully trust Joe Flacco. ”It’s time to let Joe grow,” Dickson said according to Jason Butt, who is the Ravens’ correspondent for CBS Sports’ RapidReports.

The timing of Dickson’s comments couldn’t have come at a worse time not only for the Ravens, but for the fan base. Time and time again this season fans have been reassured that Flacco is in full control of the offense. But if Cameron was really the only one who called all 53 of those passing plays, then clearly he should be the one held accountable.

It’s time for Cameron to take the restraints off and let Flacco pace this offense once and for all.