Suggs Shows Hometown Team What They Missed Out On


Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker, Terrell Suggs made sure the Arizona Cardinals regret not drafting him when they had the chance to do so in 2003.

In Sunday’s 30-27 victory over the Cardinals, Suggs recorded a career high 13 tackles (four for losses), including a sack and two quarterback hits.

(Credits: Larry French/Getty Images North America)

“It’s always special to do it against Arizona,” Suggs Said. “I mean, let’s be honest: the right thing was for me to come be a Baltimore Raven. That was the best thing that could happen to me for my professional career. But I’m going to always have a little something in the tank for them, you know what I mean?”

Instead of drafting Suggs, the Cardinals elected to trade out of the No. 6 spot with the New Orleans Saints. In return, the Cardinals received two first-round picks, and selected wide receiver Bryant Johnson and outside linebacker Calvin Pace, both of whom are no longer with the franchise.