Suggs Critical of Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron


The offensive performance last night by the Baltimore Ravens was of the one worst performances in team history, to say the least.

(Credits: Bill Frakes/Sports Illustrated)

Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs wasted no time calling out the team on its approach.

“It baffles me that Ray Rice only had seven carries,” Suggs said. He was off on Rice’s carries by one, but Suggs was on a roll. “This is a Pro Bowl running back we’re talking about. You’ve got to feed the horse. They fed their horse. We got to feed our horse. He’s a good guy. He wants the ball. I think we should feed him. Ray Rice is a phenomenal player. You’ve got to use your phenomenal players.”

Take notes Cam Cameron.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars offense kept it conventional, with a rookie quarterback in Blaine Gabbert and a star running back in Maurice Jones-Drew running the ball.

“They kept it simple,” Suggs said. “Jones-Drew had 30 carries.”

Rice had just eight carries for 28 yards, which is not a recipe for success in Baltimore.