Week 6 Key Matchups: Ravens vs Jaguars


Former Raven Mark Clayton catches a pass against the Jacksonville Jaguars

As the 4-1 Baltimore Ravens head down to Florida on Monday night to face the 1-5 Jacksonville Jaguars, here are some key matchups to look out for.

Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Ravens D

Maurice Jones-Drew is an excellent running back.  He has gotten off to a relatively slow start for him but he is on a team without a proven quarterback.  Meaning teams play the run more than they do the pass.  I don’t think MJD will run wild on the Ravens, who have an excellent D line.

Blaine Gabbert vs. Ravens Blitz

Gabbert will have to prove he can handle the Ravens pressure.  You know the Ravens defense is going to bring the blitz in many different ways to test the rookie qb.

Dawan Landry vs Ray Rice

The former Ravens safety is sure to meet Ray Rice a number of times during the game.  Landry is a Ravens defense alum, he knows how to hit but Rice has the ability to dodge those hits.