Former Raven D. Mason Returns to Baltimore “At Peace”


Former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver and current New York Jet Derrick Mason is at peace with his release from the Ravens’ this summer.

Mason, 37, was surprised by his release this summer, but quickly landed on his feet signing with the Jets, joining forces with former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan.

Mason believes the Ravens decision to cut ties after six seasons was strictly just business, and him signing with the Jets this offseason was strictly just business.

(Credits: William Perlman/The Star-Ledger)

“Obviously they didn’t need my services any longer,” Mason, 37, said. “I think I was at peace with it, because I knew deep down in my heart that I gave them all I had. The way I played, no one can question whether I gave 100 percent or not. So when I left that building, I was OK, because I knew leaving that building, I still had a lot of football in me. They had a decision to make, and they made it. Luckily Rex wanted me, and I was more than happy to come here.”

I’m sure Mason will have mixed emotions when he takes the field Sunday night against his former mates. That being said, I expect Mason to play with a chip on his shoulder, while trying to hurt his former organization where it hurts most, the scoreboard.