Evans May Rest Sunday, Despite Itch to Play


Lee Evans is caught in a pickle: to play or not to play Sunday, that is the question. Evans, who has been hampered by an ailing left ankle injury, may lean on the side of caution this Sunday in St. Louis, despite his itch to play.

(Credits: Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Allowing Evans to sit out this week to allow the injury to heal is an option that both, Evans and the Ravens find more feasible than they did in the first two games of the season.

“We know that rest is one of the biggest things for it, which is why we try to approach the week the way we do,” Evans said. “We also want to be smart and not have the thing linger throughout the whole season. If we can get it to a point where we can rest it and still play on Sunday – and play effectively – then that’s the way to go.”

Evans has been slowed down by the injury going all the way back to training camp. In fact, last year, Evans was plagued by another ankle injury, which caused the Buffalo Bills to put Evans on injured reserve in December.

In just two games, Evans has two catches for 45 yards and is clearly bothered by his bum ankle.

If Evans can’t go in St. Louis, one of the two rookie draft picks would likely fill in: either second-round draft pick Torrey Smith or fourth-rounder Tandon Doss. Neither of the two have yet to catch an NFL pass.