Basketball Tournament in Loving Memory of Patrick Dolan


Some of you may remember a tragic story I wrote about the murder of 19-year old Patrick Dolan in the streets of Baltimore last year, and how the Ravens dedicated the game against the Buccs for him that following weekend.

Well, 10 months have passed since then, but thoughts and prayers are still being sent out to the family to this day. A close friend of Patrick even started a Facebook tribute page, which is now nearly 1,000 strong.

Recently, Patrick’s mother, Dee Dolan, reached out to me to thank me for writing the original story. And in her e-mail, she he also mentioned a basketball tournament that would be held in remembrance of Patrick. I definitely would like to encourage and promote this event, as it not only supports the Dolan family, but it is for a great cause. All the money raised from this event will be donated to Brookside Park, one of Patrick’s favorite places to play ball, for park improvements.

So for more information, please check out the below flyer.

God will give us a future glory and reward that surpasses our present suffering. Romans 8:18
(found on Patrick Dolan’s tribute page)