Final Thoughts of Preseason Heading into Week 1


Ah, the preseason of NFL football. Some of the most exciting, yet most dreaded games played all year. It’s exciting to see all the new players picked up from the draft play, but it’s dreaded because people just want to see some hard hitting, regular season high-stakes football already.

Big Losses

Personally, I was dreaded to hear that the Baltimore Ravens lost, in my opinion, two of their best recievers: Derrick Mason and Todd Heap. I’ve always been a big fan of Heap, and he will forever have my respect as the Ravens most reliable receiver when it comes down to short and big-gain plays.

I was also very bummed to hear that we lost running back Willis McGahee because he was reliably excellent at short-yardage situations, he would occasionally pick up a large gain and he was also a scoring machine.

What To Look Forward To

The best thing about the Ravens this year will be Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice and Terell Suggs. I’ve rarely seen Boldin drop a decently thrown pass. And Rice is one of the most elusive fast backs in the leauge. The one thing I’ve been most eager to see is how much better Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata can be this year, compared to last season. I mean, did you see how excellent they both played? Unbelieveable.

I’m also excited to see how Ed Reed does as well, for last season, I did not get my full fix of Reed, due to his injuries. Oh, and Ray Lewis? Don’t get me started. I know me and every other linebacker in the world has looked up to him in admiration at least once in their life.  I’m very excited to see how the defense will do this year, because last year they looked pretty sloppy in games, such as the the one in Atlanta.

Giving Respect Where It’s Due

I may hate the Pittsburgh Steelers with a passion, but you have to respect them— yes, even Ben Roethlisberger— on how tough they’ve fought the Ravens for the past few years. He beat them with a broken nose and a broken foot, so I’ll respect that no matter who the player may be.

But I really think that this year will be the Ravens’ year, and even though they’re up against a bunch of great teams, I think they could pull through and come out on top. The Baltimore Ravens have been one of the greatest organizations in the NFL for the past few years, but they don’t get much respect. So this year, it’s time to shut everyone up. I can’t wait to see how we do this season. Good luck this year, Ravens, even though I doubt they’ll need it.