Baltimore Ravens Recap of the Week 02/25/11


Hey Baltimore Ravens fans, another week goes by as we anxiously await for the looming March 3rd CBA deadline! With so much uncertainty as to what will happen between the NFL and the NFL Player’s Association, there are a lot of things up in the air for the 2011 season!

  • We are still unsure what will happen with Le’Ron McClain. He wasn’t quiet about his dissatisfaction on his involvement with the offense this season, but McClain continues to say that he is hopeful to stay in Baltimore for another year. In a new post from the National Football Post, McClain talks about what will go into consideration as he explores the free agent market.
  • According to a post from BaltimoreRavens.com, the team is working to stock their free agent board. The Ravens have ranked all 500 free agents across the other 31 teams in the league to make sure they are ready for action whenever the Collective Bargaining Agreement is made certain.
  • There was a lot of controversy this week around a report frm the Baltimore Sun claiming that the Ravens were likely to cut RB Willis McGahee. Ozzie Newsome clarified these rumors by stating, “I have made it clear there will be no players released before March 3rd.” If McGahee were to return to the Ravens, he would be the 2nd highest paid player on the team. His $6 million salary would exceed every Ravens starter, except for FS Ed Reed ($6.5 million).
  • The Ravens Insider posed an interesting point ¬†about how different the Ravens rushing attack may look in 2011. Right now, Ray Rice, Le’Ron McClain, and Willis McGahee make up the self-acclaimed ‘three-headed monster.’ With uncertainty to where McClain and McGahee will end up, we could be looking at Ray Rice as the only returning back. NFL Analyst Michael Fabiano believes that releasing McGahee would add to Rice’s value.
  • One change that has been made certain was the the promotion of Andy Moeller as the new Offensive Line Coach. Check out this interview with him from BaltimoreRavens.com about what he thinks it is going to take to fix the run game.
  • While most players are openly stating their disapproval of the decision to extend the season to 18 games, Matt Birk provided an alternative solution. Check out an interview with him from BaltimoreRavens.com where he discusses the expansion of the playoffs by two teams, eliminating the first-round bye for the one and two seeds.
  • ESPN ‘s AFC North Blogger, James Walker, added a new post about the “Leading Questions” in the AFC North. The question Walker posed for the Ravens was whether or not all the concerns about Joe Flacco were legit? He doesn’t think so!

The Ravens are scoping things out at the NFL combine this weekend, and we are all waiting to see whether or not a new CBA can be agreed upon by next Thursday’s March 3rd deadline! Next week sure will be interesting. I’m hoping some of these looming questions for the Ravens will finally be answered. I’d really like a football season next year, wouldn’t you?