Harbaugh: “Find Another Team To Cheer For!”


Baltimore has some of the best fans in the world. We’re passionate, hardcore fans who have sold out every game since the Ravens inception date. (Even the Orioles have some of the highest media ratings nationally!)

So it comes as no surprise that the perceived lack of urgency on the offensive side of the ball has created a wave of criticism, bound to find its way back to Head Coach John Harbaugh himself.

During the latest episode of “The John Harbaugh Show” on WBAL1090 AM, that wave came crashing in when caller after caller challenged the coach on his decisions during last week’s game, questioning his staff and mostly criticizing the offense.

Harbaugh escaped his usually calm self and uncorked the following statement after one of the calls:

“I’m proud of this football team, I’m proud of our defense.  I’m proud of our offense.  We will fight our tails off to be the best team we can every single week. If that’s not enough for you then go find another team to cheer for.  If you’re not proud of this team then you don’t know football.”

A group of Raven fans have rebuked this outburst by the Head Coach and voiced their opinions on the airwaves, message boards and even a few blogs.

The response surprised Harbaugh, causing him to release this statement through Kevin Byrne, who heads up the Ravens PR-department:

“I was directing my answer to the caller who suggested that one of the NFL’s best assistant coaches — and that’s not just our opinion — should be fired. I fully understand that fans will not agree with everything we do, and they have every right to voice their opinion. My comment was directed at the one caller, and not all fans.”

But fans haven’t been the only one complaining. Derrick Mason and Terrell Suggs have used the media to voice their own opinions about what is going on, and their frustrations have found root in the heart of some fans. All this hooplah comes on the heels of a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 13 – 10. In that game, the Ravens offense seemed lackluster and uninspired to produce points, complete first downs, or keep possession of the ball— which has more than a few fans up in arms about the direction this team is headed. Still, they own an 8 – 4 record and seem to be on course for another splash in the post-season.

The Baltimore Ravens will get another chance in prime-time against the Houston Texans to show that the offensive woes are just part of the season, similar to how the defense was missing for the first part of the season. It’s about getting hot at the right time and make a deep push into the playoffs. I believe that the Ravens will make at least another appearance into the AFC Championship game and make it very interesting.

Go Ravens!!!