Staff Predictions Week 12: Ravens vs. Buccaneers


Offensive MVP:

Picks By Player Pick Stat Prediction
Gene Winner Ray Rice 89 yds rushing, 27 yds receiving, 1 TD The Bucs have great corners, so Rice will have his opportunities.
Conoon Kim Anquan Boldin 5 catches, 89 yds receiving, 1 TD These predictions may be a little biased since I have him on my fantasy team this week, and I really need him to do well…
Bart Raeke Derrick Mason 5 catches, 98 yards receiving, 1 TD After their little tiff last week, Flacco will appease Mason.
Alex Bishop Joe Flacco 261 yds passing, 1 TDs Not sure who to pick this week, so I hope Flacco comes out throwing like last week.

Defensive MVP:

Picks By Player Pick Stat Prediction
Gene Winner Ed Reed 1 INT, 1 TD Reed is on a hot streak. If the Ravens can shut down the running game, the Bucs will be forced to pass.
Conoon Kim Ed Reed 2 tackles, 2 INT Only 4 games played this season, and Reed is tied for having the 4th most INTs in the league, with 4. That’s why I had him getting 2 tackles and 2 INTs… get it? 2 + 2? :)
Bart Raeke Ed Reed 6 tackles, 1 INT How can you bet against him right now?
Alex Bishop Dawan Landry 8 tackles, 1 INT He has been way to quiet this year.

Final Game Score:

Picks By Who wins? Game Score
Gene Winner Baltimore Ravens 27 – 17 Make no mistake, the Bucs are a good team and play hard. However, the Ravens are home and have Ray Rice to fall back on.
Conoon Kim Baltimore Ravens 24 – 21 Well the general consensus is that the Bucs are a good team, and I believe in that as well. But until they beat a “winning” team, I’m not completely sold. Still, a close game.
Bart Raeke Baltimore Ravens 24 – 17 Tampa Bay is pretty good, but now the rubber meets the road for them in Baltimore.  Hard fought battle.
Alex Bishop Baltimore Ravens 27 – 17 Ravens take away Tampa’s chance at the Playoffs with a strong win.

This week’s staff prediction contributors are Gene Winner, Conoon Kim, Bart Raeke, and Alex Bishop.
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