Staff Predictions Week 11: Ravens vs. Panthers


Offensive MVP:

Picks By Player Pick Stat Prediction
Gene Winner Ray Rice 79 yds rushing, 36 yds receiving 1 TD Carolina has struggled against the run—another great opportunity for Rice.
Conoon Kim Anquan Boldin 6 catches, 124 yds receiving, 1 TD Attack Carolina’s weak run defense? Do you really think OC Cam Cameron will go for the obvious game plan?
Bart Raeke Joe Flacco 19 of 27 for 220 yds passing, 2 TD With all the talk lately (especially after going head to head with his “statistical brother” Matt Ryan) of Flacco not adjusting on the fly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out very pass heavy once again.
Alex Bishop Anquan Boldin 121 yds receiving, 1 TDs After a semi-quiet game, Boldin tears up the Panthers secondary.

Defensive MVP:

Picks By Player Pick Stat Prediction
Gene Winner Terrence Cody 7 tackles, 1 sack The rookie has slowly been incorporated into the run defense, and it’s helping. Carolina has big time QB issues and that means they will try to run the ball. Cody has his first breakout game!
Conoon Kim Ed Reed 4 tackles, 1 INT I think my predictions last week were a little premature. THIS is the week where Reed gets his 50th INT.
Bart Raeke Terrell Suggs 7 tackles, 2 sacks I could have gone with either Suggs or Ngata.  I don’t really see the Carolina line being able to stop either of them.
Alex Bishop Terrell Suggs 5 tackles, 2 sacks After coming close multiple times to sacking Ryan he is hungry for sacks.

Final Game Score:

Picks By Who wins? Game Score
Gene Winner Baltimore Ravens 33 – 9 If the Ravens took away anything from their loss in Atlanta, it’s that their offense needs to play a full 4 quarters. Against an injury plagued Panthers team, they will score early and often.
Conoon Kim Baltimore Ravens 38 – 6 The Ravens will score 5 touchdowns in this game. I expect nothing less.
Bart Raeke Baltimore Ravens 27 – 13 I may actually be very generous there.  The defense is riled up about all the criticism, and the Panthers aren’t exactly an offensive power house.
Alex Bishop Baltimore Ravens 34 – 9 Interesting game.

This week’s staff prediction contributors are Gene Winner, Conoon Kim, Bart Raeke, and Alex Bishop.
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