Facing the Enemy Week 10: Ravens vs Falcons


Short week for the (6-2) Baltimore Ravens as they face the (6-2) Atlanta Falcons this Thursday.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dave “the Falconer” Choate from TheFalcoholic.com and ask him a few questions about this upcoming game. He showed much respect for the Baltimore Ravens and knew it was going to be a tough game. Check out how he thinks the Falcons will beat the Ravens, and his pick for the most underrated Falcon player.

1. Ravens QB Joe Flacco has the highest average passer rating since Week 3, what can the Falcons do to stop Flacco?

The Falcons have to respect Flacco and his weapons. That means that the seven man blitzes that were sprinkled in throughout the Falcons’ game against the Buccaneers last week have to disappear. They’ll need to rely on consistent pressure from the front four and play matchups in an intelligent fashion. Dunta Robinson is our biggest and most physical cornerback, and he needs to be trying to take Anquan Boldin away.

Smartest thing the Falcons can do is generate consistent pressure and keep him off balance. Easier said than done.

2. Do you think it’s harder for the Falcons to score on the Ravens or to keep them from scoring?

Given the way our secondary has been playing and the fact that the Falcons are developing an offensive identity, I’d say it’ll be harder for them to stop you guys from scoring. By a long shot.

3. Should the Falcons be more concerned with the Ravens running backs or wide receivers?

Both. I’m not willing to take anyone lightly. Ray Rice may not have much success against a stout Falcons front seven, but he’s extremely dangerous out of the backfield as a receiver. I’ll worry about everyone making plays through the air.

4. Name one underrated Falcon that we should look out for, and why.

You’ll want to watch out for Jonathan Babineaux. He’s one of the league’s premier defensive tackles, though he struggles to get recognition for it, and he can do a little bit of everything. If the middle of your line is a weakness, Joe Flacco may become very familiar with him.

5. Game predictions?

The homer in me says I must pick the Falcons, but I do believe they’ll hang on in this one. 24-21 Falcons.