Tom Brady Greater than John Elway & Dan Marino?


Yeah, this isn't Tom Brady, but it sure does look like him and it's funny.

According to a secret panel of NFL Network analysts, coaches, and former players, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is the 21st greatest NFL player of all time.

That’s TWENTY FIRST out of ALL the HUNDREDS of GREAT NFL players in HISTORY!

I apologize for my improper capitalization and ranting, but I’m just mind-blown right now. There are some extremely notable players on this list behind Tom Brady.

To name a few quarterbacks, who in my opinion are far “greater” than what Tom Brady could ever be:

  • John Elway (23rd) – Broncos
  • Dan Marino (25th) – Dolphins
  • Sid Luckman (33rd) – Bears
  • Terry Bradshaw (50th) – Steelers
  • Bart Starr (51st) – Packers
  • Troy Aikmen (80th) – Cowboys
  • Kurt Warner (90th) – Rams, Cardinals

And those are just quarterbacks. There are still players like Emmit Smith, Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Ray Nitschke, and etc. who are all rated lower than Brady. You can see the full list by clicking here.

Watch this clip where Jamie Dukes and Rod Woodson bash on Brady and just can’t accept his positioning:

What were these panelists thinking??? I’m done for today.