Say Goodbye to “Devastating Hits” in the NFL


After the helmet-to-helmet hit on Baltimore Ravens TE Todd Heap delivered by New England Patriots S Brandon Meriweather, and among other big hits throughout the weekend, the league plans to announce a new policy where players will be suspended for delivering dirty blows.

Ray Anderson, NFL’s Executive VP of football operations, gave this statement:

“We’ve got to get the message to players that these devastating hits and head shots will be met with a very necessary higher standard of accountability. We have to dispel the notion that you get one free pass in these egregious or flagrant shots.”

So what exactly is a devastating hit? I understand the deal with head shots, and I totally agree that those are mostly flagrant and unnecessary in the game. But devastating hits? When the league announces their official ruling this Wednesday, they are going to have to clear up what exactly defines a devastating hit.

I know the NFL is trying to make a safer league, but this is too much. I think it’s just another excuse to make this a high-scoring, pass-happy game. They are trying to take away from true football.

I wonder what Ray Lewis is going to say about all this.