Ray Rice Keeping Fantasy Football Owners Happy


Did you know Ray Rice is starting in 99.7% of all fantasy league teams? Who are those 0.3%???

Regardless, Rice knows he”s expected to play well by nearly all owners— especially since he was drafted on average 4th overall.

“It’s funny – people take the fantasy football stuff serious. I try not to let anybody down. At the same time, I’ve faced some tough fronts this year. So today, fantasy owners that drafted me, I got you some points. Now give me some slack.”
-Ray Rice

Not only does Rice try to make his fantasy owners happy from on the field, he shows his love off the field as well by sponsoring a special Ray Rice fantasy game.

Rice is working with a fantasy sports site called Fantazzle.com to give out monetary prizes and autographed gear on a weekly basis. This isn”t your average “draft a team at the beginning of the season and stick with it all year” type of team. On Fantazzle, everyone picks from the same pool of players on a weekly basis. There”s no time wasted on live drafts and being stuck with players you don”t want. You”ll be able to choose the best players, and if your combination of players scores the most points, you win for that week!

It”s free to play and they”re giving out thousands of dollars in prizes. You can get a free account here (a casino deposit is optional).

Fantazzle has also been kind enough to team up with The Purple Chaos and make our own readers a private league. Entry is free and the prize is $25! If you think you”ve got what it takes, click here to join our league.

You”re going to need a password to join. So if you want that, leave a comment below with your favorite fantasy player and I”ll e-mail you the password.

Good luck!

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