Ravens vs. Broncos: A Game of Polar Opposites


By now, you should know the (3-1) Baltimore Ravens are facing the (2-1) Denver Broncos at home. And by now, you should also know that the Ravens boast the #1 passing defense while the Broncos come in with the #1 passing offense.

But did you know the Broncos are ranked 32nd in the league in offensive rushing yards per game? That pins them dead last in the league.

This game is quite a showdown between an air-attack offense and a quarterback-pressuring defense. But there are other stats to consider; I’ve put some of the Broncos offense stats head-to-head with the Ravens defense stats.

YPG – Average Yards Per Game

Stat Broncos OFFENSE
Total YPG 394.5 YPG
RANK: 4th

235.8 YPG
RANK: 1st

The Ravens defense is giving up only half of what the Broncos offense is gaining. Will they meet in the middle at around 300 yards?
Rushing YPG 55.0 YPG
RANK: 32nd
116.8 YPG
RANK: 21st
This stat is a little misleading for the Ravens; they have a much tougher defense to run against than what the numbers on paper suggest.
Passing YPG 339.5 YPG
RANK: 1st
119.0 YPG
RANK: 1st
This is what everyone will be watching this weekend. The Ravens just aren’t allowing passes to be thrown, while the Broncos are throwing at will.
1st Downs Per Game 22.2
RANK: 7th
RANK: 1st
Keeping the # of 1st downs in this game should be a priority for the Ravens to prevent Orton from driving down the field, which he’s had success at.
3rd Down % 42%
RANK: 12th
RANK: 1st
3rd down conversions are one of the most important aspects of the game. How will the Broncos find a way to convert when the Ravens force so many 3-and-outs?
4th Down % 22%
RANK: 17th
RANK: 1st
The Broncos have made the 2nd most 4th down attempts in the league, but they only converted 3 of the 8 they tried. The Ravens stopped a 4th down attempt already, so keep an eye out if the Broncos go for it on 4th and short.
Time of Possession 33:17
RANK: 4th
RANK: 10th
The Broncos control the clock well, but without a proper run game this weekend, how do they plan to burn the clock and wear out the Ravens D?

With all these stats to consider, there are still some important things that aren’t written on paper. For example, the number of quarterback hits or even the number of times a defender forces a quarterback to make a bad throw are critical plays to the game.

This will be a great test to the Ravens defense; if they want any shot at winning the Super Bowl, they need to stop prolific quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers. If the Ravens show no problems with Kyle Orton, they should become the team to beat in this league.