2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 5


A little late in posting the rankings this week, but nonetheless they are here. We have a new special #1 team for you all. For the first time, we didn’t agree that the New Orleans Saints should reign as the #1 team. And if you notice, there are 7 AFC teams in the top 10.

Also note that we’ve taken out the highest and lowest all-time ranks for each team, however we will still highlight which teams have gone up/down in rankings since the previous week. We realized that many teams have been fluctuating every week, so we see no relevance in previous ranks anymore. Plus, we just like to keep things simple.

RK: Current rank
Green: Up in rankings
Down in rankings
No change

Team Record Comment


3-1-0 This has nothing to do with the fact that we are all Baltimore Ravens fans. Maybe just a little. (Conoon)
3-1-0 Amazingly they are 3-1 without Big Ben, playing outstanding D. (Gene)
3 Saints 3-1-0 Everybody’s coming after the Super Bowl Champs, [but] still they find ways to win. (Gene)
4 Packers 3-1-0 A win brings this team up in rankings, but only slightly since they barely managed to beat the Detroit Lions at home. (Conoon)
5 Texans 3-1-0 I still think this team has some issues on defense, but otherwise a great team. (Conoon)
3-1-0 Give Sanchez credit, he is making plays. Let’s see what he does against some tougher defenses. (Gene)
2-2-0 They are getting hit hard defensively with injuries. (Gene)
8 Chargers 2-2-0 Somehow, the Chargers have the #1 overall offense AND defense. (Conoon)
9 Patriots 3-1-0 MNF they put on a show… and most of it was without Brady. (Alex)
3-1-0 Turner and Ryan are a great combination. (Alex)
11 Vikings 2-1-0 I’m excited to see the Favre-Moss chemistry, this team desperately needed a play-maker. (Conoon)
12 Bengals 2-2-0 Lost to the Browns in a tough one, but still have weapons to win games. (Gene)
3-1-0 Offensive line? (Alex)
14 Chiefs 3-0-0 The only remaining undefeated team. Will that change this week? (Conoon)
15 Deolphins 2-2-0 They haven’t looked good two straight weeks. (Gene)

This week’s rankings were based on a poll of our staff writers: Conoon Kim, Gene Winner, and Alex Bishop.