Ravens Beat the 2 Best Teams, According to NFLN


I was watching the “1st Quarter Awards’  segment on NFL Network last night, but I was taken aback by some of the comments made by analysts Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin.

After 4 weeks of the NFL season, Sanders and Irvin sat down to discuss their picks of the best coach, the best team, and the MVP of the league. What intrigued me the most was their choice of the best team.

Sanders chose to go with a “team that believes in itself,” the Pittsburgh Steelers. He mentions how they have the 4th ranked defense in the league. Wait, what? 4th? I thought we’re talking about the number 1 team? Sanders goes on to argue that with Ben Roethlisberger’s return, the team will get even better. I give my respect to Roethlisberger, but he’s no Peyton Manning.

Irvin also likes good defenses, so I was a little surprised when he chose the N.Y. Jets as his pick for the best team. Why you ask? Because the Jets are ranked 13th in overall defense. I don’t really see where all this hype about the Jets being the most feared defense is coming from. Irvin describes the Jets as “the team to beat in the AFC.” Team to beat? I think that was already been accomplished by somebody. Oh right, the BALTIMORE RAVENS.

Matter of fact, the Ravens just beat the Steelers last weekend. So here we have the Steelers and the Jets, ranked number 1 by Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin, respectively. But both teams have 1 thing in common, they both lost to the Ravens.

Maybe Sanders and Irvin are just trying to make good T.V. I think more credibility comes from Don Banks of SI.com, who has a better opinion on who deserves to the title of ‘best team':

“…that high belongs to Baltimore, where the Ravens, by an eyelash, might have stamped themselves as the team to beat in the AFC.”

You can watch the full segment of “1st Quarter Awards” with Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin here.