Ravens Fans Can Enjoy Madden Roster Update #6


After a good week 3 playing against the Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Ravens enjoy a nice boost in player ratings for Madden 11’s 6th roster update.

Here is the change of ratings for the Baltimore Ravens players (full list can be found at EA Sports):

-QB Joe Flacco: Overall increase, from 84 to 85
-CB Fabian Washington:
Overall increase, from 72 to 75
-CB Chris Carr
: Overall increase, from 65 to 68
-WR Anquan Boldin
: Overall increase, from 92 to 94
-WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Overall decrease, from 85 to 83

With the only decrease being Houshmandzadeh, I’d say this was a good week for Madden players who like to use the Ravens. Look to see Washington and Carr continue to go up in overall points as they progress.

Also, there were a few transactions that took place:

DE Trevory Pryce was released.
S Ken Hamlin was re-signed.
MLB Jason Phillips was added as well.
OLB Sergio Kindle was placed on IR.

In other Madden news, EA Sports released their week 3 Madden Moments LIVE featuring 3 new games:

Chargers at Seahawks: Bullies – This Moment puts you in control of the team that has dominated the AFC West for some time, the San Diego Chargers. On the road, undermanned on defense, and down on the scoreboard with little time to play, you will have to succeed where the Chargers failed on Sunday. Seattle has plenty of motivation to win this one and they plan to do so on the strength of Leon Washington’s kick return heroics. Can you take the lead and bottle up this dynamic playmaker?

Jets at Dolphins: Beasts of the East – The stars came out to play for this Sunday night nail-biter. Jets fans almost re-lived a nightmare from 2009, as Chad Henne drove the Dolphins down the field in a final attempt to extend the game. Too bad the Jets’ Defense woke up and made a play…ending the game on an interception. Play as Henne and the ‘Fins on that final drive, and see if you can tip toe your way past the Jets into the end zone.

Falcons at Saints: Talk of the South – Two teams from the NFC South went into this weekend fighting for control of the division. After Sunday’s action, Atlanta came out on top. The Falcons made a massive statement with an overtime win over the defending champs in the Big Easy. Since the extra period put a hex on the Saints, take over as Brees and Co, and make sure overtime never occurs…Madden Moments LIVE style!