2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 4


Even with a close loss, the Saints are among the top of our rankings. The Ravens fall to make room for the surprising 3-0 Steelers. Cowboys are the only team on this list with a negative record. And the biggest improvements are the Bears and Chiefs, who are both undefeated so far.

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Highest all-time rank

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RK / (Hi/Lo) Team Record Comment
1 / (1/1)


2-1-0 Brees gave his team a chance to win, unfortunately the kicker couldn’t pull through. As long as Brees can survive the ‘Madden curse,’ the Saints are the top contender. (Conoon)
2 / (2/3)
2-1-0 Even with hurt WRs, Peyton can air it out. Can someone point out a weakness on their offense please? (Rob)
3 / (3/16)
3-0-0 How many teams win with 4th-string QBs? Gotta give credit where it’s due. (Rob)
4 / (2/5) Ravens 2-1-0 The offense showed up against the Browns, but the defense took a rest. That won’t happen in Pittsburgh. (Gene)
5 / (5/15) Falcons 2-1-0 Quietly the best team in the NFC South. (Rob)
6 / (6/13)
2-1-0 Yes, Sanchez is playing well, but where’s the great D? (Gene)
7 / (2/4) Packers 2-1-0 Undisciplined team, everyone from the Head Coach to the offensive line. (Conoon)
8 / (4/14) Texans 2-1-0 Defense is clearly the weakness of this team. If Schaub has a bad day, the team can’t win. (Conoon)
9 / (5/10) Patriots 2-1-0 A win over the Bills doesn’t say much, sorry Pats fans. (Rob)
10 / (10/24)
3-0-0 Cutler needs to play better if they expect to keep this winning streak going. They needed 18 penalties just to beat Green Bay by 3. (Rob)
11 / (11/22) Dolphins 2-1-0 Henne and Marshall are starting to connect. With a great defense, this team could go far. (Conoon)
12 / (12/18) Eagles 2-1-0 Let’s see how long the Vick experiment works out. (Gene)
13 / (13/30)
3-0-0 They are getting done with Special teams and Matt Cassell is starting to make plays. (Gene)
14 / (8/14)


2-1-0 Carson Palmer has not been impressive lately; they’ll need him to improve if they want a serious shot at playoffs. (Conoon)
15 / (8/15) Cowboys 1-2-0 Cowboys showed that they have to play mistake-free to win games. (Rob)

This week’s rankings were based on a poll of our staff writers: Conoon Kim, Gene Winner, and Rob Brown.