The Greatness of Ray Lewis and His Coaching Tree Legacy


When you think of “Coaching Trees,” names like Bill Walsh, Marty Schottenheimer, and Bill Parcells are a few that probably come into mind. But definitely not a name like Ray Lewis, right?


NFL Films featured a special on 15-year veteran MLB Ray Lewis and how five of his former defensive coordinators have gone on to be current NFL Head Coaches. Check out this 3-part video (credit: “NFL Films Presents“) that shows a piece of Ray Lewis’ legacy.

It’s no coincidence how these 5 former coordinators under Ray Lewis have become head coaches in the NFL. This man is something special. Rex Ryan said it perfectlly,

“Nobody wanted to disappoint Ray Lewis, myself included. He is the Baltimore Ravens. We were all part of it. But he is the Baltimore Ravens, and I think there’s very few players that have had that kind of impact on an organization.”

If and before any Ray Lewis haters want to comment, consider this: Everybody make mistakes, including Ray Lewis. You’re not perfect and neither is he; it’s in our human nature to screw up. But Lewis’ entire life and career is not defined by a few bad choices he made many years ago. His ability to inspire greatness in others is what people fail to realize. Look at what Lewis said after hearing his former coaches talk about him, “I didn’t hear one man on here… speak about the number of wins and losses.”

Those are the words of a humble man. There’s no doubt Lewis has a stout NFL resume, but that’s not all he cares about. There is just a level of passion that Lewis plays with that is unmatched. Ravens fan or not, it’s hard to deny the greatness of a man like Ray Lewis.