Madden 11 Roster Update #5 and More


Roster Update #5
As predicted in my earlier post about patch #4, the Baltimore Ravens suffered a big drop in ratings. 3 players and the entire team overall dropped in points, check it out:

DE Trevor Pyrce: Overall decrease, from 82 to 81
WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh:
Overall decrease, from 86 to 85
QB Joe Flacco:
Overall decrease, from 87 to 84
DE Cory Redding:
Overall increase, from 76 to 79
Baltimore Ravens Team Rating:
Overall decrease, from 90 to 89

I understand Housh and Flacco being lowered in ratings, but why Trevor Pryce? At least Cory Redding got an improvement, the only positive thing for the Ravens in this 5th roster update.

Check out the full roster update details at EA Sports.

Patch #3
The third patch for this game was released yesterday; here are the details on some of the issues that EA addressed:

  • Tuned play action blocking to be more effective.
  • Tuned kick return blocking to be more effective.
  • Tuned injuries to occur in more realistic percentages.
  • Tuned GameFlow play calling logic, including lesser chances of same / similar plays being called concurrently.
  • Tuned general defensive effectiveness, including locomotion improvements for defenders and miscellaneous pass coverage improvements
  • Fixed QB spy ‘nano-blitz’ exploit.
  • Fixed an issue in online team play that allowed defensive captains to force offensive captains in to a no-huddle situation
  • Fixed crash bug that was introduced that could occur for some PS3 gamers that were using “My Skill” setting.
  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow gamers to invite friends to ranked games. Now this is 100% allowed.
  • Added new alternate uniforms for Colts and Patriots.
  • Corrected a feedback issue related to stat tracking when a player quit during the first half of an online game
  • Fixed an issue in Madden Moments LIVE related to stat tracking for those who used the “Play Again” option after completing the game.
  • Added multiple stability fixes across a variety of game modes.

Madden Moments Live: Week 2
Upset over the way Flacco handled his last drive against the Bengals in week 2? Well, in the virtual world you can go back in time and re-live that moment. Play as Flacco and take down the Bengals to win the game.

Ravens vs. Bengals: Two-Minute Drill – The Bengals won their eighth consecutive divisional game with a tough win over the Baltimore Ravens. Despite a poor performance by Joe Flacco, he was still given a final chance to drive down the field and win the game with 2:48 on the clock. Execute the two minute drill and end the Bengals streak.

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