Madden Roster Update #4 – Baltimore Ravens


The 4th Madden 11 roster update was released after week 1 of the NFL regular season, and there were plenty of good changes found for the Baltimore Ravens.

Here is a list of players and their rating changes:

S Tom Zbikowski:
Carry and Return decrease

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh:
Overall decrease, from 87 to 86

WR Anquan Boldin:
Overall increase, from 91 to 92

MLB Ray Lewis:
Hit Power increase, from 96 to 98

P Sam Kock:
Overall Increase, from 86 to 88

OLB Terrell Suggs:
Overall increase, from 91 to 93

DE Haloti Ngata:
Overall increase, from 94 to 95

Not too shabby. Zbikowski’s decrease is reasonable, considering how his punt return nearly ended in a safety. Same goes for Housh, who was ranked 2 points higher than starting WR Derrick Mason; so dropping him by a point seems acceptable.

Overall, the Ravens players have a 5 point net increase (6 pt. increase and 1 pt. decrease). Unfortunately, a bad week in Cincinnati might change a few player ratings for the worse. I figure Housh will see another decrease in overall rating because of his poor performance (dropping 6 passes) against his former team. And after 4 interceptions, QB Joe Flacco is guaranteed to see a drop in numbers as well.

Check out the full details on this roster update for all 32 teams posted over at PastaPadre. And stay tuned for the 5th roster update, which should be released soon.