2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 3


We’ve decided to take a different approach on our weekly power rankings by scrapping the bottom half of the league. No disrespect to the bottom 17 teams, but we’d like to focus more on the playoff-bound competitors. So from now on, our staff will collectively vote upon the top 15 teams of the NFL each week.

With that said, check out this week’s top 15.

RK: Current rank
Highest all-time rank

Lowest all-time rank

Green: Up in rankings
Down in rankings
No change

RK / (Hi/Lo) Team Record Comment
1 / (1/1)


2-0-0 Can someone beat this team already? (Conoon)
2 / (2/4) Packers 2-0-0 At some point they’ll need to run the ball. (Dan)
3 / (2/3)
1-1-0 Against the Giants, the Colts ran well, passed well, and even defended well. They are a well-balanced team. (Conoon)
4 / (4/14) Texans 2-0-0 Fun to watch but the D is suspect. (Dan)
5 / (2/5) Ravens 1-1-0 Tough loss… But finally being able to return home, the Ravens should get a confidence booster playing the Browns. (Conoon)
6 / (6/16)
2-0-0 2-0 and their defense is taking over games. (Gene)
7 / (5/10) Patriots 1-1-0 They need to find some offensive balance to keep the young D on the sidelines. (Dan)
8 / (6/10) Bengals 1-1-0 Yes, they deserve to be in the top 10. (Gene)
9 / (9/22) Dolphins 2-0-0 Best team in the AFC East. (Dan)
10 / (6/13)
1-1-0 Impressive win over the Patriots, but they just lost Revis. (Conoon)
11 / (3/11) Vikings 0-2-0 Favre just doesn’t look interested in playing football right now. (Conoon)
12 / (11/15) Falcons 1-1-0 Even with Turner out, Matt Ryan and the Falcons made a huge comeback this week. (Conoon)
13 / (7/13)
1-1-0 They have an easy schedule— not convinced they are a [top 10] team. (Gene)
14 / (12/19)


0-2-0 One of the two “0-2″ teams on this list. This group has potential and Alex Smith showed promise. (Conoon)
15 / (15/21) Redskins 1-1-0 They are getting better… McNabb is making plays. (Gene)

This week’s rankings were based on a poll of our staff writers: Conoon Kim, Gene Winner, and Dan Soderberg.