Undercover Reports: Q&A’s with Bengals Blogger


Our AFC North rival bloggers over at WhoDeyFans have asked us a few questions about the upcoming Ravens/Bengals game— here is the article with our answers.

Well, we’ve decided to ask them a couple questions of our own. Take a look at what Mickey Mentzer had to say about both teams:

1.) Who’s more of a personality: T.O. or Ocho.?
You have to go Ocho here.  While TO does have enough personality to fill a room, he is also viewed as a problem and trouble maker around the league.  Chad on the other hand is goofy, but is respected by most of the NFL.  Usually when there is smack talk with Chad, it is light-hearted and the other players don’t take him seriously.

2.) What scares you more, the Ravens offense or defense?
I would say offense.  Last year the Ravens really had to rely on their offense to win games rather than just allowing their defense to dominate.  The defense is not the feared D of the early 2000’s anymore.  Also, right now there are injuries to the secondary that can really hurt the Ravens.  Like it or not, the Ravens are a better team with Ed Reed on the field. On the offensive side of the ball, Ray Rice can break it at any time.

3.) Which Ravens player are you most worried about?
I just mentioned him above but Ray Rice. He is little, shifty, quick and has great instincts. He is the type of player that can take a broken play to the house.  He has done it many times. Look at what the Chiefs did to the Chargers on Monday night.  With a couple playmakers (like Rice), a team has a chance to break big plays at any moment.

4.) What makes the 2010 Bengals different and better than the 2009 Bengals?
The passing game which we lacked last year on paper should be better.  The Bengals added what looks to be a solid possession receiver in Jordan Shipley and also a great weapon in tight end Jermaine Gresham. Add TO to the mix with Chad OchoCinco and the passing game has all the weapons a quarterback could dream of.  The defense returned just about everybody and was a top 5 unit last year.

5.) Game predictions?
As much as I would love to stomp the Ravens I just don’t see it happening. Division games in the AFC North are usually tough games.  I do think the Bengals take this one at home. I will say 24-17. I don’t think we got a good look at either team in the opening weekend games, so this will be interesting to see where these teams stand.