2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 2


After a series of close games in week 1, a lot of teams have moved around in power rankings. Notable moves are the Jets, Texans, 49ers, and Patriots.

Take a look at The Purple Chaos power rankings of all teams heading into week 2 of the 2010 NFL season.

RK: Current rank
Highest all-time rank

Lowest all-time rank

Green: Up in rankings
Down in rankings
No change

RK / (Hi/Lo) Team Record Comment
1 / (1/1)


1-0-0 Drew Brees makes any defense look vulnerable. (Conoon)
2 / (2/5) Ravens 1-0-0 If the Ravens continue dominating on defense and get their offense into rhythm, they may be the best team in the league. (Conoon)
3 / (2/3)
0-1-0 As long as Manning can breath still, they belong in the top 5. (Arjan)
4 / (4/4) Packers 1-0-0 Not out of the gate as many thought; still the Packers are a tough team to beat. (Gene)
5 / (5/10) Patriots 1-0-0 New England seemed to possibly start slow this season, but taking out Cincinnati and making them look like rookies shows they deserve a better ranking than originally predicted. (Genna)
6 / (3/6)
0-1-0 Without having Sidney Rice and the entire offseason to practice, Favre is struggling to find comfort with his offense. (Conoon)
7 / (7/14) Texans 1-0-0 Tough Running game… and they haven’t even shown what they can do through the air. (Gene)
8 / (8/8) Cowboys 0-1-0 All around good team— if only they had a good quarterback. (Arjan)
9 / (9/16)
1-0-0 Great D… if Dixon can win a few more games they will be tough to beat. (Gene)
10 / (6/10)
0-1-0 As poorly as they played, the Ravens better watch out this week against TO and Ochocinco. They don’t like to lose, especially the way they did on Sunday. (Genna)
11 / (7/11) Chargers 0-1-0 Bad start, but they will still win their division. (Gene)
12 / (12/18) Giants 1-0-0 3 interceptions by Eli already? At least he scored once for every ball he handed over. (Conoon)
13 / (6/13)
0-1-0 They have a real question mark with Sanchez; they had trouble running too. But their D-line held the Ravens rushing attack in check. (Gene)
14 / (13/15) Titans 1-0-0 Playing slow at first, and though Vince Young played a bit rookie-esq, they still have Chris Johnson. (Genna)
15 / (11/15) Falcons 0-1-0 Ryan and Turner should progress this year and find themselves in the playoffs. (Arjan)
16 / (16/21) Redskins 1-0-0 McNabb can still make plays. The win over Dallas was a huge [confidence builder]. (Gene)
17 / (13/18) Eagles 0-1-0 The Eagles seemed to start [pulling] it together once Michael Vick came in for side-lined Kevin Kolb. [Vick] claimed [the Eagles] would have played better had he been in the game more; we will see if that is true in week two… (Genna)
18 / (17/22) Dolphins 1-0-0 Overall, Henne and the Dolphins had a mediocre performance in their win over the Bills. (Conoon)
19 / (12/19)
0-1-0 What happened??? (Conoon)
20 / (20/30) Chiefs 1-0-0 An impressive win over the Chargers. They won in all 3 phases of football: offense, defense, and special teams. (Conoon)
21 / (21/29) Seahawks 1-0-0 Peter Caroll made a statement by scoring 31 points against a 49ers defense. (Conoon)
22 / (17/26) Panthers 0-1-0 They must improve upon both their passing defense and offense. (Conoon)
23 / (20/23) Broncos 0-1-0 McDaniels will be fired by year end. (Arjan)
24 / (22/24)
1-0-0 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions by David Garrard. What’s the catch you say? Only 170 passing yards is my reply. (Conoon)
25 / (14/25) Cardinals 1-0-0 Almost lost to the St. Louis Rams… (Conoon)
26 / (23/26)
1-0-0 You beat the Lions. So did 99% of the NFL [in] the last 2 years. (Arjan)
27 / (25/32)
0-1-0 Bradford and Clayton, with a solid run game by Jackson, might equate to some wins this year. (Conoon)
28 / (21/28)
0-1-0 Jason Campbell is decent, [but] still bad team. (Arjan)
29 / (28/30)
0-1-0 C.J. Spiller [can’t] do it all. (Arjan)
30 / (28/31)
0-1-0 It should have been a TD, but it [wasn’t]. Find a way to win. (Arjan)
31 / (29/32) Buccaneers 1-0-0 Nothing to be proud of yet. (Conoon)
32 / (27/32)
0-1-0 A loss to the Buccs places this team at the very bottom. (Conoon)

This week’s rankings were based on a poll of our staff writers: Conoon Kim, Gene Winner, Genna Wittstadt, and Arjan van Leuven.